Cape Horn picture

Photo by Nikolay Murenets

Cape Horn is often called the Mount Everest of sailing. We believe that, since 29th May, 1953, when Mount Everest was first climbed, fewer people have qualified for full membership of the International Association of Cape Horners (IACH) than have climbed to the summit of that revered mountain.

Membership of the IACH is open to sailors who have rounded Cape Horn under sail. The rounding of the Horn will have been part of a long non-stop ocean voyage without the use of an engine. More detailed information is available on the Membership pages of this site.



After nearly a year at sea, 81 year old Queenslander Bill Hatfield is tonight the oldest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.



Adrian Small obit

Adrian Small 2015

Captain Adrian Small, HMS Warrior, 22nd November, 2015

"Sailing Into History" - Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN re-lives
sailing single-handed, non-stop, around the world
where he became the first person to perform a single-handed
non-stop circumnavigation of the globe.

* He is also interviewed in this BBC podcast of 14 Mar 2019 which can be listened to here.


The Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was the start of competitive round the world races for solo sailors. For such adventurers, the Vendee Globe 2020 will be their next opportunity.

* Golden Globe Race 2018/19 Investigation into causes of dismastings by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN


And here is the race which started it all for fully crewed yachts.

Whitbread Round the World Race 1973/74 - watch it here


30 March, 2020