2007 AGM and 50th Anniversary Reunion - 18th November, 2007

The 2007 reunion lunch cum AGM took place on Sunday 18th November on HMS Warrior in Portsmouth Harbour. We had a capacity record attendance of 120. The weather outside was very blustery and wet but that only added to the cozy atmosphere on the gun deck. As has become usual, neither food nor wine ran out, only time.

The guest speaker was Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Having joined in the IACH 1969, he is out longest standing member. He gave an invigorating and amusing address. His first rounding of Cape Horn was in Suhaili in 1969 and the most recent in 2007.

Our President, Vice Admiral Sir George Vallings gave the welcoming address. Little were we all to know that this was to be his last attendance at an IACH event as he passed away a month later.

Sir George Vallings


Many crews used the occasion to hold their own reunions. All 10 of the British Soldier crew gathered for the first time since the Whitbread Race of 1973/74. Pindar and VAIO also held reunions.

Chris Roche led many tables in shanty singing ensuring a degree of quality control.

I will add photographs soon and would welcome contributions from those who attended.