Memorial Book:
The IACH has produced a memorial book giving a brief biography about all the full and associate members of the British Section of the AICH (1957-2003). All the information gathered for this publication will be passed to the National Maritime Museum; which holds documents, paintings, exhibits and artifacts donated by AICH members. The IACH Archivist can be contacted through this website.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England

"Established in 1950 [1957] from the Association Amicale des Capitaines au Long Cours Cap Horniers which was created in St Malo in 1936. The association aims to encourage friendships between the mariners who have voyaged around Cape Horn in sailing ships. The association also aims to promote interest in the ships and sailors of previous generations and, in doing so, inspire and support younger sailors. The collection comprises of membership lists, minute books, accounts, papers relating to the annual congress (1957-1979), articles submitted for inclusion in the Cape Horner and original documents created by the association.
Date made 1957 - 1979"


Journal Index
The first issue of the British Section's journal came out in the winter of 1964/65. It was intended that the journal would bring our members closer together and it was intended particularly for those who lived too far away from London to attend meetings. Captain A.G. Course was its first editor and he wrote in his first editorial, "The object of this small journal is to promote and strengthen the ties of comradeship which bind us together and to keep alive the memories of the ships in which we sailed". Today, forty years later, this is still the aim of this journal. Its readership has changed with the years, it is younger and now primarily yacht crew rather than former Merchant, or Royal Navy, officers and men with experience of commercial sail.

The journal has always been published twice a year, its content and the format has remained basically the same inspite of five changes of editor and several methods of production. The first journals were typed by Mrs Alice Course who continued to do so until the death of her husband in 1976. The next editor, Chris Roche, moved onto using modern computer technology.

The aim of this selective index is to provide access to information about individual members, sailing vessels and yachts. Various other topics are also covered, such as reports about the annual international congress. It is not intended to cover the mention of every individual member or vessel unless the content warrants it.

It is hoped that "annual additions to the index" will be published with a cumulative index every ten years.

If you would like to view or download the fully searchable Journal index of all editions from 1964 to September 2014, CLICK HERE. ©Marc Kerry It is a 20 page PDF file.

Index of former British members of the AICH.

CLICK HERE to download a complete index of members of the former British Section of the AICH (Amicale Internationale des Capitaines au Long Cours Cap Horniers). ©MarcKerry This is an excellent reference if you're trying to trace relations who may have been Cape Horners. To the best of our knowledge, the only surviving member on this list is our Vice President Captain Adrian Small.