The Golden Globe Race 2018

18 sailors ... 30,000 miles ... non-stop ... alone ... no outside assistance, no GPS. The race is in commemoration of the first Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, 1968.



The race started on Sunday, 1st July, 2018 from Les Sables d'Olonne, France.

The Rules of the Race which include limitations on the yachts and navigational equipment.

Follow the live location of the yachts on this link. You will note a position for Suhaili has been added. This presumes Robin Knox Johnson started on the same day as this race and takes his location from his log.


Vendée Globe 2020

The Vendée Globe is still the only non-stop solo round the world race without assistance. The event was created in the spirit of the Golden Globe, which was in 1968 the first non-stop solo round the world race via the three capes (Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn). Vendée Globe 2020 will start from les Sables d'Olonne on Sunday 8 November, 2020.





Volvo Round-the-World Race 2017/18 has finished

A race for 7 fully crewed Volvo 60 yachts started from Alicante, Spain on 22 October, 2017 and finished at Den Haag, Netherlands on 23 June 2018. The race was broken into 11 legs. This compares with 17 yachts over 4 legs in the 1973/74 Whitbread Race, the first of this series.