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The Lure of the Sea - Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Dee Caffari set sail on his Yacht Suhaili - 01

"The main aim is to get to Suhaili down to Falmouth in time for the 22nd April which will be the 50th anniversary of me returning from the Golden Globe race."


Robin Knox-Johnston celebrates his 80th birthday with a series of talks lasting 80 seconds entitled 'The Lure of the Sea'.   Episode One describes why he keeps returning to the sea and what his future plans might be.



First Look: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Sailing Legend



On April 22, 1969, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston made history, becoming the first person to ever complete a solo and non-stop circumnavigation of the world's oceans. 50 years on, Sir Robin returned to Falmouth to recreate that historic day on board his beloved 32-foot ketch Suhaili. Coming soon, this incredible story will be told like never before in a documentary called Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Sailing Legend. Sir Robin will share his diaries from the race for the first time, while fellow leading sailors such as Olympian Sir Ben Ainslie, Dee Caffari and Alex Thompson will share what Sir Robin's achievement means to them.



The 1973-74 Whitbread Film Remastered - Volvo Ocean Race

A brand new digitally restored version of the official film for the 1973-74 Whitbread Round the World Race.


Documentary about Cape Horn (Cabo de Hornos)






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