The Journal, The Cape Horner, is published twice a year. It is sent to all members.

The Journal Editor welcomes contributions related to voyaging around Cape Horn both modern and square rigged vessels along with sea shanties and other related historical matter. The Journal Editor's email address, along with all other committee members, is inside the front cover of the Journal.


After 37 years as our Journal Editor Chris Roche, has handed over. An epic tenure if ever there was one. He started in January 1983 and handed over in early 2019. Fortunately, he is not leaving the committee as he has now taken over as our Archivist. He probably has more knowledge about Cape Horn and the vessels which have rounded it than the rest of the committee combined. With three roundings of Cape Horn, he also has more experience of the Horn than any other committee member.

Chris Roche on Mariehamm

On the famous P clipper in 2016



Chris Roche on Regard in 1985

On Regard in 1985



Chris Roche

Chris has always been renowned for his sartorial elegance. This time in 1986 he had a sound excuse as they had just had a very wet bumpy crossing of the Bay of Biscay in the Brigantine Jacques Cartier.



Chris Roche crossing the Line

Chris meeting King Neptune on his first crossing of the Equator.