AICH(UK) and early IACH committee letters 1974-1997


Here are a selection of letters from the early days of the transition between AICH (UK) and the IACH. They provide an illuminating account of the thought processes of the old British square rigger Captains and how they believed the new category of Yacht Members might be introduced into the AICH(UK).

1. A five page letter sent in 1974 by Captain Malcolm (Bruce) Glazier CBE, President of AICH (UK) to Major Neil Carlier who was skipper of yacht British Soldier on the 3rd (Cape Horn) leg of the First Whitbread Race 1973-74.

2. A letter written in 1985 by Pat Bryan of the IACH to the first Webmaster 17 years before he became the Webmaster. It was written in response to an offer of a copy of the 16 mm documentary film of the first Whitbread race. It is of note that he was based at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Also interesting that he uses a letter heading of the International Association of Cape Horners before the decision to form the Association was formally made. A digitised version of that documentary is now available on YouTube.

3. A two page letter written in September 1996 by Captain Martin Lee, President of the AICH(UK) to all Yacht Members. It explains the topic of the problematic status of Yacht Members within the full AICH.

4. A Proposal written on 19th October 1996 by the Earl of Balfour. He proposes that AICH British Section divides itself into two parts.

5. A letter written in February 1997 to All Members of the AICH British Section by Captain Martin Lee. He is seeking the views of all members on the status of Yacht Members and the future of the British section.

6. The original 1997 Rules of the IACH ratified during AGM, 1st November, 1997.