Weather at Cape Horn

Note: wind strength Beaufort, temperature ºC


Islas Diego Ramirez lie 60 nautical miles south west of Cape Horn


Palmer Station is one of the closest Antarctic research stations to Cape Horn. It is manned by American scientists year round. It is located at 64.77°S, 64.05°W on Anvers Island and has a pier and a helicopter landing pad.

From Webmaster: for those who wonder about the relevance of this, remember that Cape Horn lies at 56°S and this research station at 64°S. On our yacht on the first Whitbread Race, when there were no ocean gates nor limits on latitude, trying to take a shortcut we got as far south as 61°S. We saw large icebergs.


Palmer Station

Click Palmer Station webcam picture to watch the last 30 days.
Camera facing WNW.