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Merit – 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race © PPL Media Ltd

Becoming a Member

It is our intent to be welcoming to anyone who would like to join us but, out of respect for those who have gone before, we are quite strict about making sure those who join as Full Members have fulfilled the Rounding of Cape Horn by meeting criteria that would be recognised by their forebears from the days of commercial sail vessels. Those who do not qualify for full membership may still join us as Associates.
With effect from 1 June 2020, the annual subscription for new Members and Associates is £20.


Membership is open to individuals of all nationalities who have rounded Cape Horn under sail as part of a non-stop passage of at least 3,000 nautical miles which passes above the latitude of 52° South in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and is completed without the use of engines for propulsion.
Crews of other sailing vessels rounding Cape Horn, where the voyage does not conform exactly to the requirements above, may apply for their voyage to be approved. Each application shall be vetted and approved by the Committee to confirm that the voyage complies wholly with the spirit, if not the precise detail, of the requirements for a Qualifying Rounding.


A unique comradeship: A shared sense of significant achievement: A forum to enjoy each other’s company and experiences: An annual lunch with an inspirational speaker: An active website forum for information, stories and what is happening NOW: Journals and Newsletters.

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