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Cape Horn Trawls

Provided by Andrew Halcrow.


Van Den Heede on the Great Departure
Global Solo Challenge 16 August 2023
Van Den Heede on the Great Departure ahead for the GSC
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Dafydd Hughes sets sail
Yachts & Yachting 27 August 2023
Dafydd Hughes sets sail raising the curtain on the Global Solo Challenge
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Southampton named as start and finish port
Ocean Globe Race April 5th 2023
2023 Ocean Globe Race announces Ocean Village Southampton UK as start and finish port
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Ocean Globe Race 2023: everything you need to know
Practical Boat Owner August 23, 2023
The Ocean Globe Race will see 14 boats and their crews circumnavigating the world without the use of modern equipment, in the spirit of the 1973 Whitbread Race
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Arkea Ultim Challenge Brest 2023
They will be five “giants of the seas” setting sail from Brest, with a solo skipper on board, in an attempt to complete a round-the-world voyage from West to East
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Thomas Coville : “The Arkea Ultim Challenge-Brest, the race of a lifetime”
Tip & Shaft Sail Racing 9th January 2023
Thomas Coville has been back on the water during this first week of the year
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Youth Take On The World In Ocean Globe Race
Ovean Globe Race August 16, 2023
It’s no accident there’s such a large youth participation in the OGR
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In Darwin’s footsteps: sailing ship to retrace round-the-world voyage of the Beagle
The Guardian August 11, 2023
The Oosterschelde, a traditional three-masted Dutch schooner, plans to retrace the route taken by another historic ship almost two centuries ago
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