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Capt. T.C Fearon

The 4th of our sailors to be inducted into the Cape Horn Hall of Fame is Capt. T.C Fearon – A veteran of 36 roundings of Cape Horn.

Capt. Fearon was born in Cumbria in the Northwest of England where the toughness of the land made many adventurous lads take to the sea – including Lord Nelson.

Apprenticed aboard a Cape Horner at the age of 15, Fearon’s first passage was in an 800-tonne barque carrying a cargo of steel rails from Newport, Wales non-stop to Portland, Oregon, and back with grain to Liverpool – two 16,000 mile runs with Cape Horn to defeat on each.

He graduated to 2nd Mate at 19, Mate at 22 and made Master at the age of 30 spending the rest of his career on Cape Horn passages. His 36 roundings may well  be a record.


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