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Circumnavigation Register Application

The IACH maintains a register for solo and multi-crew circumnavigations as a roll call for all those who have raced or cruised around the world via Cape Horn.
You do not have to meet the full IACH membership criteria to be considered for registration.

Multi Crew Circumnavigation Criteria

The IACH abides by the circumnavigation rules established by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC).

WSSRC Round the World, eastbound or westbound 21,600 nm. To sail around the World, a vessel must start from and return to the same point, must cross all meridians of longitude and must cross the Equator. It may cross some but not all meridians more than once (i.e. two roundings of Antarctica do not count). The shortest orthodromic track of the vessel must be at least 21,600 nautical miles in length calculated on a ‘perfect sphere’. In calculating this distance, it is to be assumed that the vessel will sail around Antarctica in latitude 63°S. A vessel starting from any point where the direct orthodromic distance is too short shall pass one single island or other fixed point on a required side so as to lengthen their orthodromic track to the minimum distance. No starting point is permitted south of 45°S. 1 degree of longitude at 63°S is taken as 27.24nm The circumnavigation must include rounding the 3 great Capes: the Capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn

For the purpose of this Register all Volvo/Whitbread races are included.

Adjudication by the IACH will be final.

Click Here to learn what constitutes a True Circumnavigation.

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I completed my circumnavigation via Cape Horn:
I meet IACH eligibility
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