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New watch at the International Association of Cape Horners

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo non-stop around the Globe, has accepted the appointment of President of the International Association of Cape Horners. In addition the French solo sailing legend Jean-Luc van den Heede has accepted the appointment of Vice President.

Ashley Manton, Chairman of IACH made the announcement this week during the Association’s annual lunch at Portsmouth UK. “Sir Robin and Jean-Luc are two of the biggest names in ocean sailing and their reputation and standing within the sport reflect the aims of our International Association in celebrating and promoting all those who complete a Cape Horn rounding under sail and meet the IACH eligibility criteria”.

Ashley Manton adds: “Sir Robin has played an active and encouraging role throughout his long period in the Association. Together with Jean-Luc, they have been very supportive in working with the Committee to set up a unique modern-day register of all those who have completed circumnavigations via the three Great Capes – Good Hope, Leeuwin, and Cape Horn and in instigating the  IACH Cape Horn Hall of Fame. We very much welcome their expertise and support in encouraging sailors from all backgrounds to take on the challenge of rounding Cape Horn which is recognised by sailors across the Globe as the ‘Everest of sailing’

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  1. Como puedo acceder a la lectura de los integrantes del registro de los IACH ?. Mi abuelo cap.Walter Otto Straube Page formó ( o forma ) parte de este registro, debió ser de principios de los 1900. Me interesaría conocer más detalles, fecha, barco, etc.

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