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The Register of Solo Circumnavigators

The IACH Register of Solo Sailors via the three great capes.

This Register lists those solo sailors who have made true circumnavigations both east-about and westward, passing the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn under sail. To view The Register Click Here

In addition, two solo sailors have also completed North/South circumnavigations via the North West Passage and Cape Horn, a route that may become more popular as receding ice opens up this sea route.

Joshua Slocum is recognised as the first solo circumnavigator, but his pioneering voyage did not take him around Cape Horn, and like those who have followed, passing through either the Beagle Channel or the Panama Canal are not included in this listing.

Details of new circumnavigations or suggested amendments to existing records are always welcome. Please contact:

The IACH are not claiming to be the authority on the information provided.  We have merely collated it to the best of our ability for the benefit of the yachting fraternity worldwide and will continue to do so.


All the information that is made available is in the public domain already, however if any individual does not wish their information to be included they should contact 

International Association of Cape Horners certificate of circumnavigation

All who complete a solo circumnavigation via Cape Horn are welcome to join the International Association of Cape Horners and claim an official certificate to commemorate their achievement.   Send full details of your voyage including date and place of departure and return, boat name and type, length overall, route and on-line links to:  A small charge will apply


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